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Football is most famous game played all around the world. This thrilling game is full of action and its players are expected not only to be physical fit and strong, but also very flexible and aggressive. Heres a look at arguably the top te...

本文摘要:Football is most famous game played all around the world. This thrilling game is full of action and its players are expected not only to be physical fit and strong, but also very flexible and aggressive. Heres a look at arguably the top te


Football is most famous game played all around the world. This thrilling game is full of action and its players are expected not only to be physical fit and strong, but also very flexible and aggressive. Here's a look at arguably the top ten players in world football today. The list of top 10 most valuable footballers big-name in the world. This list takes into account a player's current market value, future earning potential, sponsorship revenue and long term marketability.足球是世界上最著名的角逐。这个令人兴奋的游戏充满了行动细节,它的玩家不仅要身体强壮,而且要很是灵活和有攻击性。下面我们来看看当今世界足坛排名前十的球员。

世界十大最具价值球员名单。这个列表思量了球员当前的市场价值,未来的收入潜力,赞助收入和恒久的市场价值。The 10 Most Valuable Footballers In the World.这是世界上最有价值的史上十佳男球员。10. Sergio Aguero | Manchester City塞尔吉奥·阿奎罗 | 曼彻斯特城足球俱乐部The Argentine star has established himself as one of the best strikers in the world. He has made already two big-money moves in his career so far, at only the age of 24. His ability on the pitch as well as his off-the-pitch marketability and popularity would make him an excellent investment. Aguero first joined Atletico Madrid as a teenager for £19 million and his displays in Spain attracted the attention of Manchester City, who then paid £38 million for him, making him their record signing. He has gone on to enhance his reputation playing in the Premier League, scoring 23 goals in his first season for the club, including the memorable title-winning goal against Queens Park Rangers on the final day of 2011/12.这位阿根廷球星已经成为世界上最好的前锋之一。


阿奎罗第一次加入马德里竞技会费为£1900万,还是少年的他的体现在西班牙引起了曼城的注意,然后为他支付£3800万,签下了他。他在中不停提高自己的声誉,在他的第一个赛季中打入23球,包罗在2011 - 12赛季最后一天对阵女王公园巡游者的令人难忘的冠军进球。

9. Mario Goetze | Borussia Dortmund马里奥·格策 | 多特蒙德He is young, having potential and has skillful attacking play. He has risen to world class status in a very short space of time since making his debut for Borussia Dortmund, and has recently become the most expensive German player of all time with a lucrative £31 million move to Dortmund's rivals Bayern Munich. This big-money move to the Bundesliga champions and the country's most famous football club will surely see Goetze set for stardom for many years to come.他很年轻,有潜力而且有着巧妙的进攻时机。自从多特蒙德首次亮相以来,他已经在很短的时间内上升到世界级职位,而且最近成为有史以来最昂贵的德国球员,以多达3100万英镑的价钱转会多特蒙德的对手拜仁慕尼黑。

这笔巨额资金转移到德甲冠军和该国最着名的足球俱乐部,肯定会看到歌德在未来的许多年里成为明星。8. Gareth Bale | Tottenham加雷斯·贝尔 | 托特纳姆热刺足球俱乐部Gareth Bale's rise over the last few years has been phenomenal. Starting off as something of a laughing stock for the club, he is now considered one of the best players in the world. After lighting up the Premier League this season with 21 goals, he was crowned double Player of the Year by both the Professional Footballers' Association and the Football Writers' Association, and is now being lined up as the next ‘Galactico' signing by Spanish giants Real Madrid. His ability to win games with a moment of magic out of nowhere obviously make him incredibly valuable on the pitch in terms of winning points, and the money made from the star player's shirt sales is also an important asset to the North Londonders.加雷斯·贝尔在已往几年里的崛起是惊人的。


他有能力在没有任何位置的情况下赢得角逐,这显然使他在球场上赢得了很高的分数,而这位明星球员的球衣销售收入也是北伦敦人的重要资产。7. Andres Iniesta | Barcelona安德雷斯-伊涅斯塔 | 巴塞罗那足球俱乐部The 29-year-old is undoubtedly one of the biggest names in football now, after years of success with both Barcelona and the Spanish national team. Arguably his finest moment came when he scored the winning goal against the Netherlands in the 2010 World Cup final, truly announcing himself on the world stage. After coming up through Barcelona's famous La Masia youth system, there is no suggestion that he would ever be sold by the club with which he has spent his whole career, but his market value is said to be around £61 million taking into account his ability, influence and marketability. He currently has a salary of over £4 million a year, plus extra money from sponsorship deals with the likes of Kalise, an ice cream manufacturer.这位29岁的球员无疑是当今足坛最伟大的球员之一,他在巴塞罗那和西班牙国家队都取得了多年的乐成。

在2010年世界杯决赛中,他在对阵荷兰队的角逐中打进致胜一球,并在世界舞台上宣布了自己的位置,这无疑是他最辉煌的时刻。在履历了巴塞罗那著名的La Masia青年队之后,没有任何迹象讲明他会被俱乐部卖掉,而他的整个职业生涯都是在这个俱乐部渡过的,但听说他的市场价值在6100万英镑左右,思量到他的能力、影响力和市场价值。他现在的人为每年£400万,加上冰淇淋制造商Kalise分外赞助的钱。6. Edinson Cavani | Napoli埃丁森·卡瓦尼 | 那不勒斯足球俱乐部The much in-demand Napoli striker is likely to be one of the biggest transfer stories this summer as he makes a big money move to any one of Manchester City, Chelsea or Real Madrid. The 26-year-old has been a star in Series. A over the last few years, proving himself to be one of the world's most lethal goal scorers. He currently has a salary of around £3.8 million per year, but that will surely rise this summer when he makes a move to a bigger club. Prospective buyers will be expected to pay around £54 million for the Uruguayan, such is his reputation now as a skilful match-winner of immense ability, who will surely go on to enjoy further success in the future with goals and silverware galore.这名那不勒斯前锋很可能成为今夏最大的转会听说之一,因为他将转会到曼城、切尔西或者皇家马德里。


5. Radamel Falcao | Atletico Madrid拉达梅尔-法尔考 | 马德里竞技足球俱乐部Radamel Falcao is an exciting player to watch, scoring a variety of goals from different positions, and will only improve when given service from better players in the teams that hope to sign him. The Colombian has an excellent record of 34 goals in 40 appearances in all competitions this season for the Spanish side. This year, the 27-year-old has shown his ability to perform on the biggest stage, performing in high profile games such as the Super Cup win over Chelsea, where he netted a superb hat trick, and scoring against giants Real Madrid and Barcelona in league games. He has already moved for big money in the past, joining Atletico Madrid from Porto in 2011 for £34 million plus add-ons, and will surely move for close to £60 million this summer, given his importance to the team. He would reportedly become one of the best-paid players in the world if he joined Chelsea, who will offer him a weekly wage of around £200,000. He currently has a sponsorship deal with Puma, and is certainly on his way to becoming one of the world's most marketable players.拉达梅尔-法尔考是一个令人兴奋的球员,他可以从差别的位置上获得差别的进球,而且只有在那些希望签下他的球队中获得更好的球员后,他才会进步。这位哥伦比亚人在本赛季为西班牙国家队进场的40场角逐中有34个进球。


切尔西将为他提供20万英镑的周薪。他现在和彪马有一项赞助协议,而且肯定会成为世界上最具市场竞争力的球员之一。4. Neymar | Santos内马尔 | 圣多斯足球俱乐部Neymar, a rising star of future time. He is young, energetic and show great determination in the ground. Despite only being 21, Neymar's estimated market value is around £44 million. The Brazilian starlet has earned rave reviews for his performances for Santos since making his debut as a teenager, and quickly gained world-wide exposure after appearing for the Brazilian national side shortly afterwards. He is one of the brightest prospects in world football after some mesmerizing solo goals in the Brazilian league, likening him to Barcelona star Lionel Messi. He is best footballer of the year 2013.内马尔,未来时代的新星。他年轻,精神充沛,在地面上有很大的刻意。


他是巴西联赛中最耀眼的球员之一,他将自己比作巴塞罗那球星里奥·梅西。他是2013年最佳球员。3. Wayne Rooney | Manchester United韦恩·鲁尼 | 曼彻斯特联足球俱乐部After David Backham, Wayne has lifted the Prestige and honour of English football spirit to the heights. He has been ruling over the hearts of millions of people for last many years. He is one of the world's best paid players, earning £15 million a year from Manchester United, and has sponsorship endorsements with big names such as Nike, Nokia, Ford, Coca Cola and Asda, as well as appearing on the front cover of every FIFA video game since 2005. His marketability makes him incredibly valuable, and though he may move for a cut price of around £30 million, he is probably worth closer to £57 million and will be a big business boost for whichever club signs him, due to the number of shirts he would sell, and of course his influence on the pitch when he reaches his best form.在大卫·巴克汉姆之后,韦恩提高了英格兰足球精神的声望和荣誉。

多年来,他一直统治着数百万人的心灵。他是世界上最好的球员,从曼联年收入£1500万,而且已经与一些知名品牌如耐克赞助支持,诺基亚、福特、适口可乐和阿斯达,以及自2005年以来的FIFA视频游戏。他的市场竞争力使他很是有价值,只管他可能会以3000万英镑左右的价钱出售,但他的价值可能靠近5700万英镑,对于任何俱乐部签下他来说都是一个庞大的商业推动力, 由于他会卖出的衬衫数量,固然另有他在球场上的影响力,当他到达最佳状态时。

2. Cristiano Ronaldo | Real Madrid克里斯蒂亚诺·罗纳尔多 | 皇家马德里足球俱乐部Cristiano Ronaldo ia as famous as any other in the world. He has shown some extra ordinary performances ever since the start of his career. He ha ability to play at any part of the field. Ronaldo is somewhat undervalued by his current club Real Madrid, earning a relatively low £10 million a year from the Spanish giants. The Portuguese winger is one of the world's biggest names after first establishing himself at Manchester United before his record-breaking £80 million move to Real Madrid in 2009. He is the most expensive player of all time, and it's easy to see why with his phenomenal goal scoring record. He has managed 201 goals in 199 games for Madrid, a better goal scoring tally than you'll see from anyone in the world, and he continually scores goals of exceptional quality as well, with many coming from long range or one of his trademark free kicks.克里斯蒂亚诺·罗纳尔多(Cristiano Ronaldo)和世界上任何一小我私家一样着名。自从他开始职业生涯以来,他已经体现出了一些超常的体现。他有能力在球场的任何地方打球。


他在199场角逐中为皇马打进了201个进球,比你在世界上任何一小我私家都能看到的进球得分更高,而且他也不停地打进了一些优秀的进球,其中许多都是远距离的,或者是他标志性的任意球。1. Lionel Messi | Barcelona里奥·梅西 | 巴塞罗那足球俱乐部The 25-year-old, Lionel Messi is indeed the greatest player of all times. The way he handles and dribbles the ball is unmatchable. He has got the ability to change the course of match at any time. A four time Ballon d'Or winner, Messi has received the award on the last four occasions which is a record as well as being selected for the FIFA World XI for the last six years running. Messi has an estimated personal wealth of around £73 million, and is without a doubt the world's most valuable footballer. The Argentine star has never commanded a high transfer fee due to his development from the Barcelona youth team, but after his world class displays over the last few years, in which he has helped the club win every trophy possible, he would be valued at around £105 million in today's transfer market.25岁的梅西确实是有史以来最伟大的球员。








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